Sunday, October 1, 2017

Cause and AFFECT

Continuing a video series of interviews called Building A Better Collin County with the goal to reach out to our county community and create a sustainable path to our future, one that reflects a sensible path of Vision, Unity, and Empowerment.
Among many similar interviews with other organizations in prior and in weeks to come, this second interview is with Pastor Ramon Hodridgerepresenting both AFFECT, Avenue F Family Enrichment Corporation of Texas, Inc, and the Ave F Church of Christ. As I note in all of these videos, this not an endorsement of me, my campaign, or the Democratic Party.
That said, I fully support causes like AFFECT and am so honored to get to know Ramon better. His support of the Douglass Community in Plano represents the best of our human ability to provide positive, proactive efforts in Collin County. Please consider donating to AFFECT here,

#BlackLivesMatter #ProgressTakesChange #Vision #Unity #Community#Empowerment