Thursday, January 4, 2018

Building The Foundation

Infrastructure Redevelopment Initiative:

Redeveloping the County Democratic Party's infrastructure will assist in providing a vision to guide the party, help create better objectives to unify our actions with the community-at-large, and, most importantly, help Democrats have the resources needed win elected offices.
Some key components of this phase of development include creating:
  • Strategic Development Plan
  • Developing a Vision Statement
  • Revamped Mission Statement
  • Revamped Leadership Model
  • Executive Steering Committee
  • New and Revamped Action Committees
  • Committee Guides
  • Operations Management Initiatives
  • Administrative Guidelines
  • Training Guides
  • Volunteer Guides

Executive Leadership:

A revamped internal leadership model will incorporate new, as well as redevelop existing, strategic development roles relative to the needs of the party at any given time. This does not change state officiated elected leadership guidelines for County Party Chair and County Precinct Chairs, but will impact interactions with those offices.

The County Party Chair will still determine her / his Executive Leadership appointments. However, like other successful non-profit organizations, this new Executive Leadership team will function as a Board of Directors for more well-rounded input. Each Director will provide direct oversight over specific Standing Committees for a Leadership Council of Chairs.

An example might look like:

Leadership CouncilReporting to:
Marketing ChairPublic Relations Director
Donor Relations ChairPublic Relations Director
Fundraising and Events ChairPublic Relations Director
Volunteer Action ChairTraining Director
Community Outreach ChairPublic Relations Director
New Legislative Support ChairStrategic Planning Director
New Political Activism ChairStrategic Planning Director
New Candidate Support ChairTraining Director
New Education Outreach ChairTraining Director

Until the Strategic Development Plan is fully realized, and a written, living document implemented, the Executive Leadership Board will serve as an Executive Steering Committee. This includes, eventually, adding an Executive Director for Operations and Administrative oversight. After the Strategic Development Plan is implemented, other non-executive Steering Committee members might be considered.

Executive Steering Committee:
  • County Party Chair
    • Appointments
      • Vice-Chair
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Field Operations Director
      • Public Relations Director
      • Strategic Planning Director
    • Administrative / Operations / Management
      • Executive Director (TBD)

Executive Steering Committee (New Standing Committee):
  • Executive Leadership
  • Other Appointments by County Party Chair

Establishing both short and long term goals as well as long-range planning for continuous improvement strategies will ensure that all County Party Leadership, Administrators, and Volunteers can perform admirably.

Goal Setting:

Some short term goals will be achievable within weeks or months, whereas some will take longer. The objective will be to achieve all short term goals in less than a year's time.

Short term goals include:

  • Seamless integration of all applicable leadership transitions:
    • County Party Chair
      • Appointments
    • Standing Committee Chairs
      • Sub-Committees
  • Written Strategic Development Plan will be determined and implemented:
    • Creating a Vision Statement
    • Revamping the Mission Statement
    • Organizational Manual (Living Document)
      • Committee Manuals (Living Documents)
      • Training Manuals (Living Documents)
      • Administrative Manuals (Living Documents)
    • Changes to County Party By-Laws to account for all updates
  • New Strategic Planning and Execution Management initiatives:
    • Monthly Review and Assessment
    • Quarterly action items determined
    • Annual Review and Assessment
  • New Planning Initiatives
    • Mid-Year Meeting (on even years to account for potential new Leadership)
    • Annual Retreat
    • Mid-Term Meeting
    • Municipal Oriented
    • Special Session (as needed)
  • Except for state officiated requirements and TDP Guidelines, implementation of revamped County Party leadership definitions and guidelines for:
    • County Party Chair
    • Precinct Chairs
    • Appointed Roles
    • Committee Chairs (Standing)
  • Leadership Training
    • Executive
    • Administrative
    • Committee
    • Volunteer
  • Volunteer Empowerment Initiatives
    • Training
    • Administration (plan)
    • Awards and special thanks programming efforts
  • Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign Efforts
    • CCDP Leadership and Committees
    • TDP (Texas Democratic Party)
    • DNC (Democratic National Committee)
  • Public Relations Plan:
    • Marketing Plan
      • Communications Planning
      • Social Media Plan
    • Advertising Planning
    • Community Outreach Plan
      • Publicity objectives
      • Public Affairs
    • Coordination with Like-Minded Groups and Organizations
      • Democratic Party related (Nearby County Parties and Clubs)
      • Resistance
      • Advocacy
      • Activism
      • Non-Partisan

Long term goals could be achieved within a year's time, as / if needed, but are expected to take two or more years to be a fully functional part of the Strategic Development Plan. This includes:

  • Focus on all judicial seats and any other elected offices not currently being pursued
  • New office location
  • New operations and administrative tools and resources
  • New (ED) Executive Director
  • Position CCDP for 2020 Census

1, 4, and 10 Year Plans
  • 1 Year Plan
    • Transitional Leadership Plan
    • Strategic Development Plan
    • Public Relations Plan
    • Volunteer Training Plan
    • Candidate Support Plan
    • Education Outreach Plan
    • Legislative Support Plan
    • Political Activism Plan
  • 4 Year Plan (1 Year Plan Plus)
    • Hire Executive Director
  • 10 Year Plan (1 and 4 year Plan Plus)
    • Census Review and Organizational Redirection Planning (every new decade)

All of this honors all state officiated requirements and by-laws of the County Party as is, including the approval of any recommendations by the CEC (County Executive Committee). Moreover, none of this should be perceived as final recommendation but rather a guiding outline of all good things yet to be realized.

As CCDP Chair, I'll work with the new Executive Leadership team, the CEC, and, most importantly, the Collin County community, to address more specific ideas relative to establishing the new Strategic Development Plan. Here is an overview:

Strategic Development Plan: Once an effective infrastructure is established, a comprehensive written Strategic Development Plan for continuous improvement will be set in motion. This involves redirecting our operations management and practicing continuous improvement exercises all while still honoring the Democratic Party agenda. Some key components of this phase of development include implementing:

  • Regular Strategic Planning Reviews
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Volunteer Appreciation Programs
  • Train-The-Trainer Programs
  • Educational Program Outreach
  • Community Outreach Initiatives
  • Legislative Affairs Management
  • Political Activism Coordination
  • Public Relations Initiatives