Stirling for CCDP Chair

As a native Texan, I've seen a lot of growth and change in our great state. Inspired to fill the hearts and minds of the next generation with my passion for innovation, I became a public school teacher. And although my path in life has ultimately taken me in a different direction, I still incorporate that sense of lifelong learning and continuous improvement in everything I do.

Filled with those Texas-sized ambitions today, I’m seeking your support to be the next Collin County Democratic Party Chair. For over 16 years, I've worked on projects across the U.S. in the Construction Industry to help build the world around us. I've served on industry nonprofit boards and executive steering committees. I understand what it takes to be Project Team member as well as the importance of being a champion for progress and change.

I've worked tirelessly to engage voters for years. In addition to my recent, openly progressive Democratic candidacy for Plano City Council, for which I was endorsed by both the Texas Democratic Party and Collin County Democratic Party, I continue to assist other progressive candidates. I'm also a monthly donor to the Texas Democratic Party, a regular donor to the Democratic National Party, and active supporter of the Democratic Party agenda.
Always a lifelong progressive, my activism started in 2013. Working with both the Collin County Democratic Party and Battleground Texas, I rolled up my sleeves to support the Wendy Davis campaign. Since then, I've served on the Collin County Democratic Party's Communications, Technology, and Events Committees, and I was an active, engaged supporter for Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign in 2016. As representatives of the Democratic Party in Collin County, we have an obligation to be recognized as changemakers by helping progressive Democratic Party leaders get elected at all levels of government. With a renewed vision and continuous improvement strategies set in motion, we can turn Collin County blue and grow future local, state, and national leaders along the way.

If you feel similarly, please Donate. And, of course, feel free to contact me anytime.