On The Issues

Voter Turnout
Voter turnout has traditionally been low. To increase voter turnout, we have to assess, evaluate, and revamp our existing infrastructure. From there, we'll develop Short and Long Term Goals, incorporate those into an Infrastructure Redevelopment Initiative, and then implement that into a non-existent Strategic Development Plan.

The most immediate Short Term goal is the seamless transition of leadership when County Party and Precinct Chairs are determined in March. Building upon our Field Organization effort, we will restructure committee focus, create training initiatives for Volunteers, expand Coordinated Campaign work, and implement a Public Relations plan improving our Marketing and Community Outreach.

Long term goals are to utilize a new Strategic Development Plan as a living document and embrace continuous improvement practices. Minimally, this includes a focus on every county judicial seat currently ignored, developing new Fundraising and Donor Relation efforts, and hiring a new, non-existent Executive Director.
Our priority, as citizens and as the Collin County Democratic Party​, is to improve the world we live in. Getting Democrats elected will be the result of that work. We need to create a Vision that exemplifies the diversity of our County while growing future Democratic leaders along the way. And we need to remind each other to always look forward.

Visualizing unity applies as much to our public outreach and voter education efforts as it does internally. We need to do a better job aligning with like-minded community organizations, and we need to rebrand the party. This is paramount to the public having confidence in us. First impressions make all the difference.

Embracing regular continuous improvement programs that benefit candidates, and empower them with the tools and resources to run and win, is vital. When the public sees the voter and public outreach efforts we've employed, and that we can consistently win partisan offices, financial and volunteer support will grow organically. 

Addressing the Issues
We have to always be focused on the future. To ensure the new Strategic Development Plan is fully functional, the plan is phased. Phasing allows for adequate input from an Executive Steering Committee, the County Executive Committee (Precinct Chairs), and, most importantly, input from the community at large. 

The written plan will be a living document, serving as a template for future county party leaders and volunteers to fall back on as needed. Nearing one million people, Collin County grows and changes daily. And this plan will allow the party the opportunity to continuously redevelop the role the Democratic Party, the party of the people.

Infrastructure Redevelopment Initiative:
Redeveloping the party's infrastructure will assist in providing a vision to guide the party, help find better ways to unify activities with the community-at-large, and, ultimately, help the party win offices. Some key components of this phase of development include creating:

  • Strategic Development Plan
  • Vision Statement
  • Revamped Mission Statement
  • Revamped Leadership Model
  • Executive Steering Committee
  • New and Revamped Action Committees
  • Committee Guides
  • Operations Management Initiatives
  • Administrative Guidelines
  • Training Guides
  • Volunteer Guides
Strategic Development Plan: Once an effective infrastructure is established, a comprehensive written Strategic Development Plan for continuous improvement will be set in motion. This involves redirecting our operations management and practicing continuous improvement exercises all while still honoring the Democratic Party agenda. Some key components of this phase of development include implementing:
  • Regular Strategic Planning Reviews
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Volunteer Appreciation Programs
  • Train-The-Trainer Programs
  • Educational Program Outreach
  • Community Outreach Initiatives
  • Legislative Affairs Management
  • Political Activism Coordination
  • Public Relations Initiatives

As representatives of the Democratic Party in Collin County, we have a lot of work to do to grow in the eyes of the public today and for the party tomorrow.

I'm ready to roll up my sleeves to make the necessary changes that will provide a vision of the future for Collin County Democratic Party. I'm ready to unify our party with the needs of Collin County citizens. I'm ready to educate Collin County voters, keep them informed, and encourage them to actively support the CCDP. I'm ready to empower candidates to have the necessary tools and resources to run and win.

And I'm ready to do what no other Collin County Democratic Party Chair has done in decades: I'm ready to get Democratic Party candidates running for partisan office elected in 2018 and beyond.

Are you ready for progress? Are you ready to win?
Progress Takes Change.

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